Why TRUE Space as your Georgia Registered Agent

  1. Best Price   ($24/yr to as low as $20/yr)
  2. Best Service  (Fast Document Delivery to You)
  3. Instant Activation
  4. Virtual Office / Business Mailbox Upgrade Capability
  5. We're A Georgia Business
  6. We Offer Corporate Formation Services In Georgia
  7. We Can Make the Registered Agent Change Filing for You
  8. Consistently Rated as the Best Registered Agent Service in Atlanta
  9. Consistently Rated as the Best Registered Agent Service in Georgia

We provide our services from our staffed office in Smyrna, GA (Atlanta Metro Area) where our employees will receive your documents. When document size permits, we will promptly and professionally scan and email your legal documents to you. Otherwise, document pickup is easy by appointment, and forwarding options are available via mail, UPS ground, 2nd day, or overnight service. We understand that when legal documents are delivered by a process server, you may wish to have the original copy, so we offer that option (unlike the competition). 

For clients wishing to also have a business mailing address we also offer industry leading, low cost virtual office services (business mailbox, meeting rooms, rentable offices) at multiple metro Atlanta locations.

We are able to offer best in market pricing because we also offer virtual office services from this location. We don't try to push phone services, credit card processing services, and other services on you. We don't push email reminder services that you don't need (the state will email you reminders when filings are required). We offer simple to understand, no hassle service, that is available instantly 24/7 upon sign up. Clients often tell us we are the best and lowest cost registered agent service in Georgia.

We're Honest:
- We are actually local, unlike our competititors. Most of them are all linked to a single Wyoming company. One even uses a business name that make them sound like they are a "Georgia" operated business.
- We don't advertise low teaser rates that then increase tremendously the next year like our competitors. Our prices remain the same.
We don't use the tricks of our competition including: fees for filing outdated corporate formation forms that are no longer required; annual "compliance" fees that are just fees for nothing; or offering business address services when they are not authorized by the US Post Office to do so.
 - One look at how our competitor tells you they will give you everything you need to run a business (included), things like a domain name, a website, SSL, email, phone number, etc. should make you realize that it's a bunch of lies. All those extras have a hidden price you learn about after you sign up, if you can even reach them to ask. 
- We DO offer high quality, honest service at an amazing price - No false information, No misleading ads.