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Registered Agent Service Plans

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A $10.00 account deposit will be added to the checkout total.  

Business & Primary Account Manager Details

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This email is used to send official communications about this account such as billing and account nofitications.

Primary Account Manager

No PO Boxes, Mailbox Store or Virtual Office addresses.
Functions as backup email if Official Business Email fails.
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Master Account Manager
Acme Incorporated
Registered Agent State
Registered Agent Service

Billing Period:Monthly

Rate:$5.00/billing period

Start date:1/27/2023

Recurring Payments
Registered Agent Service
Registered Agent Cost Next scheduled payment date: 2/1/2024$574.99
Initial Payment Amount
Registered Agent Deposit$10
Total Initial Payment Amount$149.99


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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Upon checkout TRUE Space will activate your Registered Agent Service and will digitally issue you the information needed for corporate filings. This is a non-refundable/non-cancellable transaction. Registered Agent services will renew automatically, as per your selections and payment will process to your payment card on file. Account Closure is done via email or our website contact form. Include your business name and state "Close Account". Account Closure is processed within 24 hours and service will end at the end of your prepaid term. IMPORTANT: You must no longer have TRUE Space or the TRUE Space address listed as your legal registered agent/agent address with the secretary of state or comptroller's office at the end of your prepaid term for your account to close and recurring payments to stop. Once account closure request is received, the account deposit will be refunded at the end of your prepaid term.